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Janet Lees, Reconsecrated
Joolz Sparkes, Gloucester Reimagined
June Webster, London This Evening
Maggie Butt, Lipstick
Marilyn Longstaff, Alioth Al-Jawn
Moira Andrew, My mistake
Patricia Helen Wooldridge, Obituary
Shirley Bell, Tell it to the Bees.
Stevie Krayer, Agnus Dei


Sample poem (selected at random)

My Mistake

A warm hand on the small of my back –
such a broad sexy hand, a scattering of fine hairs
above the knuckles – signalled his return.
        That and the smell of his skin.
I daren’t turn round. He stood behind me, breath
fluttering against my left ear. ‘It’s me,’ he said –
as if I didn’t know. And I was happy, relief
        gushing through my body.
How could I have doubted him? Of course
he wasn’t dead – I’d been kidding myself
all this time, what with the funeral, winding
        up his affairs, binning his clothes.
My mistake. Except that it wasn’t. I woke up
alone, just me and the cat, to an even bigger mistake.
It was hard to get up and face the day, his voice
        begging me to believe him.

Moira Andrew


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