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Oct 14

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Poem of the Month

Round 8, Month 2, and our judge is Anne Stewart. Her winning poem is Reference Library – congratulations to Shirley Wright – and her four commended poets are: Elizabeth Birchall, Gwyneth Box, Sue Rose and Pam Zinnemann-Hope.

Reference Library

Here is the dark half-world
where roots weave earth
tight against the spin, the turn
of leaves, where night
owls swoop on echoes
from the wildwood, a vole perhaps,
the musk of history, things
dank or rustling.
Heads bow as though
to avoid the casual swipe
of low branches, the crack
and biro-click that herald
autumnal fruit. See
how it is garnered, one word,
one phrase at a time, acorns
in a grove of oaks from whence
all this transfigured landscape
had its being. Chairs creak,
tables groan beneath their load
of elbows and narrow fingers
fingering the black and white;
we might pause for coffee,
whisper thoughts on metempsychosis,
pick mushrooms from the forest floor.

Shirley Wright

Winner of 2nd Prize, Wells Literature Festival 2012;
published in Bristol Women Writers anthology Unchained., 2013

Judge’s comment:
Such a variety of styles – but when it came to choosing, it was Shirley Wright’s poem Reference Library that won me over. Its careful shaping to present the various ‘othernesses’ in the poem; that reverence for learning and for so much more. But I was particularly struck by its success in capturing that most incongruous activity: sharing the experience of isolation…

Anne Stewart

OXFORD UNITED: Luminox, March 2007, by Elizabeth Birchall
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S31082011, by Sue Rose
Marriage to Lazar – 1905, by Pam Zinnemann-Hope