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Poets of the Month (& see sample poem below, by Jan Bay-Petersen)

Featured Poets, July 2020 straight to poems

Diana Hendry, Nasturtiums
Jan Bay-Petersen, It’s a Two and You’re Dead
Clair Chilvers, Cynara scalymus
Bridget Fraser, Maps
Hilary Hares, On sculptural figures looking out to sea
Angela Kirby, Trizonia
Iris Anne Lewis, Woodland Burial
Abigail Elizabeth Ottley, House
Julie Sampson, 1894; Fran Skating on the Manor Pond
Anne Sherry, Long View
Denni Turp, Monopoly



Sample poem (selected at random)

It’s a Two and You’re Dead

The closer we live to our gods, the more we need games.
Luck isn’t random: it chooses and fondles, then flits,
while we phantom midges soar high on the breath
of the gods or are drowned in their spit.
If our buzzing offends, if we stick in their throat,
they may take as amends what we don’t want to lose,
and you pay with an arm and a leg. Let us pray.
Playing games gives a hint. They’re a rear-vision mirror
to show what is coming up close from behind.
They won’t stop the truck, but maybe you’ll pause
a significant tick while you’re sending a text
so your paths don’t collide. If you’re ten over par,
if your darts hit the wire – give the blind date a miss.
Don’t ask for a raise, not today. Catch the bus.
Wait till you throw double six, till your horse
gallops home, till the ball draws a line
from your boot to the goal, till the Queen, King and Knave
join the cloverleaf Ace. Though you can’t read the stars
you can tip them like Braille and the rhythms are good,
your sails belly and fill, the duck’s entrails are pink.
There’s a cat and he’s black and you’re blessed. Take the trick.

Jan Bay-Petersen

Poem published in The North 50


Second Light Network – a network for women poets.