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Poets of the Month (& see sample poem below, by Barbara Dordi)

Featured Poets, March 2018 straight to poems

Alison Brackenbury, No     
Angela Croft, Dancing with Chagall     
Barbara Dordi, In the Footsteps of Achille Laugé     
Kate Foley, Ga Maar Lekker Slapen
(Sleep well now)
Nicolette Golding, The Seal Wife     
Helena Hinn, Pins     
Angela Kirby, Trizonia     
Lyn Moir, Travelling, Blue     
Jo Peters, Goddess     
Mary Robinson, Metempsychosis in the Olšany Cemetery     


Sample poem (selected at random)

In the Footsteps of Achille Laugé

Under a savage Midi sun,
in these winds: the Cers, the Autan,
and the dreaded Tramontane,
where honey-scented broom and pale-pink
almonds line the narrow roads of the Aude,
he made all this his own
a legacy of the seasons.
Up with the lark and out of doors
to capture the sights of the south.
He knew the frisson of expectancy
of this special light that makes
everything glow, when all seems possible,
meadows glinting gold
under a cerulean sky.
Brushing borders of yellow broom
his roulotte atelier would rumble
by fields stacked high with hay
to-ing and fro-ing l’Alouette
home of his family, his art.
The house stands here still, holding
its breath, awaiting his return.
l’Alouette – Laugé named his home ‘the lark’
roulotte atelier – mobile workshop

Barbara Dordi

published in Achille Laugé, Neo-Impressionist 1861-1944 – A Brief History, 2015


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