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Poem of the Month

This is the first month of the ‘new round’ (8) and our Judge is Joy Howard. She has selected Jennie Osborne’s poem Salmon as her winner. Her four commended poets are: Caroline Carver, June Hall, Sue Rose and Pam Zinnemann-Hope. Congratulations to all…


It’s too early
for salmon leaping
or too late.
I’m in the right place
thinking perhaps
no time is wrong
That I feel at home here
or anywhere
that isn’t home
and as I stand in that knowledge
the salmon come, leaping.

Jennie Osborne

Poem published: The Rialto, Autumn 2013.

Judge’s comment:
For such a deceptively simple little poem, ‘Salmon’ is seriously full of thought-provoking ideas. I was reminded that this fish is an ancient Celtic symbol of wisdom. There is a powerful paradox here: the leap of recognition that everywhere is home, everything possible, is inspired by the salmon, a creature whose homing instincts are inexorable.

Joy Howard

Sedna the Sea Goddess, by Caroline Carver
Yellow Bird, by June Hall
S31082011, by Sue Rose
Marriage to Lazar – 1905, by Pam Zinnemann-Hope