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Nov 14

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Poem of the Month

Round 8, Month 3. Hylda Sims is this month’s judge and she has selected Death as her winning poem. Congratulations to the winning poet, Pauline Prior-Pitt, and to Hylda⋕s four commended poets: Vivienne Blake, Gwyneth Box, Vivienne Fogel and Diana Pritchard.


She clings to my lips, my breath,
covers my breasts when I dress,
strings pearls round my neck,
fashions her words in my mouth.
“Forever” she says, and again
“Forever”, and “Never, ever again”.
And in bed, her head on the pillow
with mine, nightmare screams,
dreams caught in her cloak
falling into the depths below.
And day after day at the sea, she
beckons me into the slow dancing waves,
splashes my face, licks my cold skin,
swims below me, above me, beside me,
twists her legs round me,
pulls me close in to kiss,
whispers the bit about less
than a grain of sand in the surf,
and never again and forever.
She knows about this.

Pauline Prior-Pitt

in collection, Holding Close, 2010, Spike Press

Judge’s comment:
I didn’t care for it at first – too near the bone. But as I read and re-read I knew it had to be the one. It says something original and deep, frightening but almost comforting; a truth told simply, subtly, without sentiment about how she, yes, she – the not so grim reaper-ess – is always with us, our familiar, our doppelganger who walks, moves, lives with us. This is about getting to know our very own death. Quite a poem!

Hylda Sims

Birdwatching, by Vivienne Blake
The Playground Dreams, by Gwyneth Box
Notebook, by Vivienne Fogel
One Wrong Foot, by Diana Pritchard