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Anne Stewart, Body Language
Chiara Salomoni, Nonna Ida
Elaine Briggs, The Translator and His Harp Sing the Iliad
Iris Anne Lewis, I make myself a skirt of fish skin
Judith Taylor, Requiem
Kay Syrad, out there
Maria Jastrzębska, Old Knives
Niki Strange, First One Gone
Sue Lewis, Journey


Sample poem (selected at random)


Useful directions, so you tell me,
depend upon the starting point.
I must begin again.
Each turning that we take
depends on so much else:
how choices race towards us
while we’re all mis-reading maps;
how precious things
get left behind.
How soon the soft young
green of summer withers;
how the rain mists up the view.
How, when you drive out
from the centre of a starry sky,
you hold your breath against
the cold of winter coming.
And how the cat’s-eye of a
crescent moon, carved radish-thin,
will sometimes serve to light you
when you lose your way.
Go back and start again.
Take nothing with you
but the burden of your loving.
Carry it with care and, this time,
do not put it down.

Sue Lewis

from collection Journey, 2021, Cinnamon Press


Second Light Network – a network for women poets.