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Poem of the Month

The final month in Round 8, before our Overall winner will be selected and invited to record their winning poem for our digital archive. Our judge, Joy Howard, has selected Melinda Lovell’s poem, Woodlanders as her winning entry. Her four commend poets are Maureen G Coppack, Claudia Jessop, Kathleen M Quinlan and Sarah Westcott.


For one August week they robbed me
of my walk, a loop in the woods.
An electric fence skewered the path
to stop their three sheep short
An odd economy. They forgot
their patch is an old right of way
for any shade-lover, same clan,
to pass by, hat over eyes
Why, with their courtly camps
scoring the glade with chores and games
sitting cool among berries and husks
in their rickety nut palace
did they forget my haunting
my scudding through shores of leaves
collecting nothing growing
but the ghosts between the trees?

Melinda Lovell

poem first published in Tears In The Fence

Judge’s comment:
Mysterious and compelling, this poem draws the reader in, only to pile on the surprises with yet more mystery. Whether ultimately fathomable or not, the absolute precision in the choice of each word leaves an impression that is lasting. Haunting, it could be said. But by who, where and why is left to the imagination. Just don’t go down to the woods today.

Joy Howard

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