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Poem of the Month

Round 9, Month 7: Katherine Gallagher is judge this month and she has has selected Iris Anne Lewis’s poem, Woodland Burial as her winner. Her 4 commended poems are by Shirley Bell, Rose Flint, Daphne Schiller and Anne Sherry.

Woodland Burial

A different type of pillow talk
we chose the plot together,
you rooted to the hospice bed
by tubes delivering opium sap.
You wanted oak and ash to
shelter you in broadleaved woods,
and in return to nurture them
with mouldered bone and flesh.
Tethered still to life, you slip into a
shadowed sleep. Death creeps closer,
steals your breath and shifts you to
a different state. I close your eyes.
Drifts of bluebells mark your spot.
Light, leaf-dappled, casts patterns on
your shaded grave. Bare branches arc
a latticed vault against the winter skies.
Encased in willow, you now begin
your slow and secret work in deep
secluded dark, becoming one
with earth and plants and rain and sun.

Iris Anne Lewis

Judge’s comment:
From its very first line, ‘A different type of pillow-talk, we chose the plot together,’ Iris Anne Lewis engages the reader with exactness of tone, image and phrasing to make this a beautifully intimate love-poem. ‘Tethered still to life, you slip into a / shadowed sleep’. The parallels and ironies charge the moment till like a coda, ‘Bare branches arc / a latticed vault against the winter skies’.

Katherine Gallagher

The Scarecrow Christ, by Shirley Bell
Moontrade, by Rose Flint
Daphne du Maurier at Ferryside, by Daphne Schiller
Long View, by Anne Sherry