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Nov 17

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***Remote Workshop Perceptions of Time, by Myra Schneider
(Fanfare & Her Wings of Glass, both series still available) ***

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Poets of the Month (& see sample poem below, by Ruth Hanchett)

We have been running our online Poem of the Month Competition for 10 years, enabling us to feature just a small number of our members’ poems on the home page and an even smaller number to join our digital archive.
We’d like all of our members to have the opportunity to be featured on the home page in some way and so, from November 2017, we are replacing the Poem of the Month Competition with ‘Poems of the Month’. Near the beginning of each month we will post a new list on the home page of the names of those members featured, with a single link to a page where their poems are gathered together.
We will still invite recordings of poems for our digital archive but these will be selected from poems by members which have been published in Second Light anthologies or in ARTEMISpoetry.

Featured Poets, November 2017 straight to poems

Maggie Butt, Lipstick     
Carla Scarano D’Antonio, The New House     
Ruth Hanchett, Endgame     
Hilaire, Snake Valley     
Doreen Hinchliffe, The Art of Getting Lost     
Iris Anne Lewis, Woodland Burial     
Ann Milton, who will hear?     
Carolyn Oulton, Before I am old     
Eve Pearce, Green     
Jenna Plewes, Leave Me in the Light     
Diana Pritchard, One Wrong Foot     
Daphne Schiller, Daphne du Maurier at Ferryside     
Martha Street, Let the Trees     
Kathleen Swann, Tommy     


Sample poem – Commended, Poem of the Month competition, July 2017


Walked by your river this morning.
Sunless. Clouds longed to let go
their rain. Boats clung
to their moorings. Cafés closed.
Ward windows struggle to bring in
trees and sky – your river
too far away.
You lie in bed, soft-skinned
downy arms by your sides,
hair wispy as a dandelion clock,
whitely transparent, face bone-cheeked.
Your ‘yeses’ are baby birds,
tiny attempts to fly out
of your mind into mine. Your eyes
speak. You open your mouth
to be fed. Wait. Clamp it shut.

Ruth Hanchett


Second Light Network – a network for women poets.