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Poem of the Month

Round 9, Month 2… Wendy French is the judge this month and she has selected Alison Brackenbury’s poem No as her winner. Her four commended poets are Caroline Gill, Kathleen M Quinlan, Di Slaney and Jay Whittaker.


No one is ever good enough,
or kind enough.
No one stays awake
through the lovely rush of rain which fills our dark.
No one can hold the music.
They are counting coins or frowning
they are toppling, they are drowning.
No one is good.
But nothing is as quick as us,
no screen can match us
tape’s whirr catch us
nothing tilts like sun
to light from sad.
Nothing in all history
can reach to take your hand from me,
the dark, the rain’s gift, O
we should be glad.

Alison Brackenbury

Poem published: The Times Literary Supplement.

Judge’s comment:
Alison’s poem is masterful. It tricks the reader by its rhythm and assonance. It tricks the reader into thinking the skill of the poem lies in its technical strength but there is far more to this poem than just that. It’s the deep and personal yet universal meaning in these few words that make this poem sing out to us.

Wendy French

Elegy for Idris Davies, by Caroline Gill
Flight from the Countryside, by Kathleen M Quinlan
West of Dolgellau, by Di Slaney
Canopy, by Jay Whittaker