Amanda-Jane Burrell

Amanda-Jane Burrell has spent the last 30 years travelling the world while working within the fields of education and communication. She spends her time with her self-made extended family in Beirut, Egypt, Cyprus and the UK


I asked
What happened to Jerusalem?
A city that “used to was”
Maybe no more than a dream
Man’s final icon or just a mirage?
A folly perhaps just to charm the innocent
With hope of eternal deliverance.
Remember too the holy wars,
Even with such careless neglect of confidence
And destiny’s early demise
A final fantasy was born
A tragedy in disguise
I asked again
What happened to Jerusalem?
I remember before … the days
When mushrooms were for breakfast
Rather than orange, luminous and menacing
Raging against the winter sky........
What was that?
I hear a rustle
Nothing but a feral cat
Searching the rubble for the remains
those of some infected rat
I ask again: a third and final time
What happened to Jerusalem?
A cloud still hangs there
Thankfully the darkness has lost
Its shape and substance
Roads now, alas are smouldering rubble
As the smell of oil and death remains
Still wafting across the hillside
We lived there once,
We cried,
Once upon a time…
Before we died.

Amanda-Jane Burrell

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