Angela Platt

Angela Platt’s poems appear in a few competition anthologies and a dozen poetry magazines incl. Orbis, Spokes & The Interpreter’s House. She runs creative writing groups and is The Poetry Society’s Stanza rep. for Newport, S. Wales.

The Elephant Game

Between horizontal bars
he looks at him.
rhubarb leaf ears
knit barnacles of skin.
Trunk coil unfurls
a quizzical tentacle.
One baby to another,
my child splays arms.
The elephant’s boa slips
around his waist,
a crinkled belt pulled tight,
moves closer to the bars.
Crushed child beneath stumped feet
a rag doll flash,
my force opposes –
his force lifts him to the bar.
Arms vice his ribs,
my fingers knuckling
round my child –
elephant’s new-found toy.
Eternity, this tug of blood and bone.
I wonder if the stretch
will wrench the life from him,
how long the hold on gravity.
Reptile fury spits.
I pummel, grapple, gouge.
Without a sound
the slow unreeling.
I feel the slack.
Curled in my arms, oblivious,
this sturdy boy who dared –
and won.

Angela Platt

The Elephant Game won second prize in Southport’s Open Poetry Competition, 2015.

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I Like to Imagine, self-published pamphlet, 1994
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