Angela Platt

Angela Platt, retired teacher and creative writing tutor, lives in Newport and engages in jazz singing and writing mainly poetry. Publications in various journals including Nottingham Poetry International and Spokes; jazz poems in Jazzrounds, winner of Winchester Outreach NPC, 2006.

Eye Examination

Little white floaters
darting like silverfish
in a leaded sky.
Is this where the energy goes?
Her tortoise-slow frame
wonders at their speed,
like sperm trapped,frantic
without a purpose.
She’s ninety-two
“Good God alive!
You think I don’t know
how to make a sandwich?”
The twenty-two-year old
effrontery of it,
the percolating bureaucracy of it.
What happened to the care
of carers?
A clip-board note-taker
has replaced
their very heart.
This much her eyes can see.

Angela Platt

Poem published: Borderlines 45, Winter 2009 ISSN 0951-029X

Percussion of Living, 2001, Green Corner Press, ISBN 0-9-54022-00-9
Sexism in the Secondary Curriculum (chapter), ed Janie Whyld, 1981,
Harper & Rowe, ISBN 0-0-63182-51-3

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