Anna Avebury

Anna Avebury began writing poetry regularly when she stopped teaching in the 1990’s. She joined a local group, Ver Poets, and continues to be a member having now stepped down from the committee. Main interests: the natural world, relationships, time.

Red Kites Over Home Farm

They ride the autumn air, forked tails fluttering
in warm up-draughts, wings out-stretched.
Together, they hover then stoop, a heart-beat apart,
each mirroring the other as the carousel turns
and they circle the field below, the practised rise
and fall, a daily rite, like hands at the piano,
in perfect time. They know the score, too well,
waiting for the cue, the breeze that spells decay,
then, the targeted descent to lunch below.

Anna Avebury

Poem commended in competition and published in Ver Poets 10 Liners Anthology 2017.

Dress Rehearsal, self-published, £2.50 (proceeds to Open Door – local charity)
Ver Poets anniversary anthologies; Locked Down, Poetry Space, Oct 2020


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