Anna Avebury

I began writing poetry seriously when I gave up full-time English teaching. Poems in magazines and short-listed for Ver Poets Open Competitions twice. Pamphlet, Dress Rehearsal, self-published a few years ago. Now working on an OCA course on form.

The Door into the Dark

Stands half-open, Janus-faced, looking out,
looking in to a sunless room
where a curtain nuzzles the window
like a bird, in a bid to escape.
Shadows stalk the rocking-horse, flare
against the wall, silent flames of jet.
On the shelf, a doll stares, sapphire-eyed,
one shoe missing, pink bows undone.
Sombre-browed, Ted leans towards her, struck
dumb. Monkey grins. On the floor, snake
lies waiting, flicking its red felt tongue.

Anna Avebury

Publications: Dress Rehearsal, self-published, £2.50 (proceeds to Open Door – local charity)


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