Anna Avebury

Anna Avebury was born of Ukrainian parents in Bradford. She now lives in St Albans where she is a member of Ver Poets. She writes on a variety of subjects including nature, memory, and art.

In the moment
    The Milkmaid – J Vermeer

Light falls on her from the window,
illumines the natural grace
his brushstrokes endow.
Her face is framed in a calico cap,
her golden bodice glows;
the velvet over-skirt, midnight blue,
gathered beneath.
She stands, head tilted, watching milk
stream into the bowl, hands cradling
the jug, lips slightly parted as she exhales.
Newly-baked bread spills from the basket
onto the corner of the table, fills the room
with its yeasty scent.
Like the wicker hamper on the wall
the day waits, suspended.

Anna Avebury

Dress Rehearsal, self-published, £2.50 (proceeds to Open Door – local charity)
Ver Poets anniversary anthologies; Locked Down, Poetry Space, 2021


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