Anne Sherry

Anne Sherry is a Writer and Management Consultant. She lives in Winchester but travels widely. Her first collection, Safe Passage, was published in 2014.

Long View

Sirens howl, scream for attention
fog my mind, cloud my senses
leave me lusting for silence.
I check in, check out my case
obsess over your note
two jagged words, ‘Suite Thirteen’.
Later, after sashimi and Saki –
‘c’est devenu notre tradition’ you say –
a summer storm batters New York,
drains spout sewage, traffic overflows
and we wade along sodden sidewalks
through spouts of brown steam.
And much, much later
alone on the balcony
I listen to your breathing,
thirty-seven storeys high, no sky
the sleepless skyscrapers
bunch together like prison bars.
I escape that world, serve time
in a blue and yellow flat
perched behind the Old Town Square
feed dumplings to a scraggy sparrow
and grow plump on Prague –
her golden towers, gilded domes
marionettes, Mozart, Mucha
crystal and culture.
Sub zero temperatures delete thought
cleanse my nomad mind
my days are swallow-free
but at night, reproach and regret
pace my dreams
hot as a lover’s breath.
Summers merge, winters pass.
A soft sound, sly as spindrift
the mosquito net judders
as I claw the sheets
a rag doll push-pulling a broken puppet.
I hear your voice
as the misty dawn breaks in my eyes.

Anne Sherry

Poem published: Norwich Writer’s Circle 39th Open Poetry Competition Anthology 2010

Safe Passage, a memoir in poetry and prose, 2014, Ashbrook Publications, ISBN 978-0-9927930-0-5, £7.95 +p&p,
(proceeds after costs to Alzheimer’s Research UK,

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