Anne Sherry

Anne Sherry is a Writer and Management Consultant. She lives in Winchester but travels widely. Her first collection, Safe Passage, was published in 2014.

Double Edged

My love who promised the earth
then pawned it all away
my love shouldered like Goliath
with the belly of a mollusc
my love with a cavalier’s exfoliated thighs
and the swaggering hips of a toreador
my love who adored my classic clothes
then recommended froth and flowers
my love with the feet of a ballerina
and the strut of a petulant brat
my love who liked my symbolic phrases
then told me not to play mind-games
my love with Blue Beard’s hooked nose
in the baby face of a petit ingénu
my love who appreciated my honesty
then devalued me for being naïve
my love who made me writhe and pant
then fled when I expected the same
my love with eyes like brackish pools
which obscured an Arctic mind
my love who hijacked my freedom
but clung limpet-like to his own
my love who chided me for vacillation
then revealed each endgame in his book
my love with the evasive tongue
which accused me of lying by omission
my love who scorned my secure life
then grabbed one for his own
my love with generous Gemini words
underscored actions of Scrooge
my love who promised to always be there
then scarpered when things got tough
my love whose past killed our present
contaminated my future.
That love who left me on a Pyrrhic fire
but missed this harpy eagle flying hope.

Anne Sherry

Failing to Find Old Sarum, 2019, Mudfog Press, ISBN 978-0-9927930-1-2, £5.95 (free p&p)
Safe Passage, a Memoir in Poetry and Prose, 2014, Ashbrook Publications, ISBN 978-0-9927930-0-5, £7.95 +p&p,
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