Anne Sherry

Anne Sherry is a Writer and Management Consultant. She lives in Winchester but travels widely. Her first collection, Safe Passage, was published in 2014.

Failing to Find Old Sarum

Border-line bothered
I turn into a business park
stop by open field, reach
a place of silence, of slow time.
A brilliance of blue
in a bank of quitch
harebells fat and juicy
sturdy as hyacinths
a few fussy in old lady pink
and a singularity, tall
stocky with hairy
heart-shaped leaves
tiny blooms, cream centres
an absolute blue.
This is Germander
a veronica of the Figwort family,
cousin to heath, common field
slender, ivy, thyme-leaved
and loud lousewort.
In the distance, ancient buildings
hangers with Belfast roof trusses
a Tiger Moth drones overhead
fast followed by a Dragonfly.
A place of old time.

Anne Sherry

Published by Mudfog Press December 2019 in pamphlet of same name

Failing to Find Old Sarum, 2019, Mudfog Press, ISBN 978-0-9927930-1-2, £5.95 (free p&p)
Safe Passage, a Memoir in Poetry and Prose, 2014, Ashbrook Publications, ISBN 978-0-9927930-0-5, £7.95 +p&p,
(proceeds after costs to Alzheimer’s Research UK,

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