Anne Sherry

Anne Sherry is a Writer and Management Consultant. She lives in Winchester but travels widely. Her first collection, Safe Passage, was published in 2014.

Feuille Blanche

I want to write a poem. But
this city on the Vienne seduces
my soul with her maisons à colombages,
Gothic glories, perfect porcelain.
I want to write a poem. But
the Frairie des Petits Ventres sizzles
my senses with nez d’amour,
andouillettes, amourettes.
I want to write a poem. But
the Place de la République rocks ’n rolls
when six dozen Limousines sashay
around a serious archaeological dig.
Oh la vache!

Anne Sherry

Maison à colombages: Half-timbered house
Nez d’amour: Boned and cooked pig snout stuffed with pig tongue and vegetables
Andouillette: Cooked sausage with veal or pork intestines and onions
Amourettes: Lamb’s testicles, literally a fling
Oh la vache!: Holy cow!

Poem published in The French Literary Review, October 2016

Safe Passage, a memoir in poetry and prose, 2014, Ashbrook Publications, ISBN 978-0-9927930-0-5, £7.95 +p&p,
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