Annest Gwilym

Annest Gwilym is the author of three books of poetry: Surfacing (2018), What the Owl Taught Me (2020) and Seasons in the Sun (2023). She has been widely published, & placed/nominated in competitions, Best of the Net and Wales Book of the Year Award.

Sometimes at Twilight…

Inspired by Helen Dunmore’s Glad of these times.
I open my back door
to the high clean ozone of the tide,
when the chill small evening
clinks with sounds of crockery
from the beach-side bistro
and wine-hazed banter.
And I’m glad of cormorants
that dry their wings
on the jetty’s end,
sloe-dark eyes of a surfacing seal,
plants that grow
despite the wind’s salt charge.
Glad that in spite of poverty
there are watery days
of soft rain and poetry,
the past that is always present
beneath the surface of earth and our skin,
the lost graves of my peasant ancestors.
Glad of the balm this place brings
to a frightened rescue dog
who now calls it home,
for being able to stand on my step at night,
sniff the air like a fox,
for what the wind brings.

Annest Gwilym

Poem first published in The Dawntreader, Autumn 2019;
also in Fevers of the Mind, 9 June 2021.
Nominated for Best of the Net 2021.

Seasons in the Sun, 2023, Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, ISBN 978-1-8452793-8-7
What the Owl Taught Me, 2020, Lapwing Publications, ISBN 978-1-9163457-4-4
Surfacing, 2018, Lapwing Publications, ISBN 978-1-9108558-1-2

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