Bridget Fraser

Bridget Fraser founded the Free Range Poets (FRP) several years ago. Currently a flexible ten members meet monthly to workshop new poems. FRP read regularly for the Henley Literary Festival and publish an annual collection of new work.


Time was
we sailed our carefree seas
braved tides and currents
breasted jeopardy of waves
to seek safe harbour
you sure-tied and safe within my lee
umbilical to mother-ship
To circumnavigate our world
we plotted by the stars
discovered islands kind or cruel
safe shores and treacherous seas.
Then in due course
you followed your own star
aligned your compass opposite to mine
to mark your own Odyssian tides.
I handed on to you
that two-edged blade
of freedom,
watched you loosen ropes
untie old knots
and cast off onto seas of your own making.
The mother-ship, becalmed yet far from calm,
could only flutter prayers in semaphore
to keep you safe
protect you from dark seas
My tattered sails once caught the winds of promise –
carry that promise on to new horizons.
May I still be your anchor
though my sails lie slack
my rigging creaks
with missing you.

Bridget Fraser

This seems to be a much-demanded favourite especially by mothers of the brides to be.

Poem published in And still the grass grows; Ruffling Feathers; Treading on Eggshells;
A River Runs Through Us; South
44; Inspirations … Central England 1995;
Women’s Perceptions … 1997

And still the grass grows…
Ruffling Feathers
Treading on Eggshells
Against the Grain
A River Runs Through Us
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