Claire Williamson

Claire Williamson is a poet and Programme Leader for Metanoia Institute’s MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes. Claire has been widely published in journals and works as a freelance creative writing facilitator with adults and children.

The Hippocrene

     for Nick
At last
you are Pegasus
with wings strong enough to carry you
to the heavens.
I hear their rhythm
in my dreams like sonnets.
You are like the mare
who destroys mercifully.
You have killed yourself
and saved me.
Before you left
your stomping hooves
dug out the hippocrene
in the shape of a crescent moon.
Now I stoop on my knees to drink.
The well is deep
my cupped hands run over
with inspiration.
The hands that wished
they’d held your hand
as you snorted and stamped the air
as you turned from man into a flying horse.

Claire Williamson

This poem is the prelude to Claire’s first collection, Ride On.

Poem published in Agenda, 2005

Visiting the Minotaur, Seren Books, 2018. ISBN 978-1-7817244-3-9
The Soulwater Pool, narrative poetry collection, Poetry Can, 2008. ISBN 0-9539234-4-1
Ride On, narrative poetry collection, PoTA Press, 2005. ISBN 0-9526432-6-X

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