Danielle Hope

Danielle Hope founded and edited Zenos, a magazine of British and International Poetry, and is editorial advisor for the Literary Magazine, Acumen.

In the kitchen

I’ve heard voices for some time so I enter.
My father pauses mid-sentence, stares
at the black table leg. His eyes wary,
mouth open as if caught on camera
scrumping apples. The radio splutters softly.
How two years have shrunk him.
His spade hands now scooped out
as he struggles unsteadily to sit.
He has only the remnants of pride to force
his wooden breaths, shore his shoulders back.
‘Talking to mum?’ I ask. ‘It’s private
between her and me’. Outside a car passes.
He reaches to rub thick cream
onto where his right ankle still won’t heal.
The steady drip of the kitchen tap like a clock.

Danielle Hope

Poem published in collection, Giraffe under a Grey Sky, Rockingham Press

Fairground of Madness, Rockingham Press, ISBN 978-1-873468-01-2, £5.95
City Fox, Rockingham Press, ISBN 978-1-873468-55-5, £6.95
The Stone Ship, Rockingham Press, ISBN 1873468 911, £7.95
Giraffe Under a Grey Sky, Rockingham Press, ISBN 978-1-904851-34-9, £7.99

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