Daphne Milne

Daphne Milne moved to Australia from Cornwall in 2017.She has recorded two podcasts for Kalamunda Radio, is a member of OOTA Fremantle and WAPoets Inc.

Travellin’, travellin’ travelling on.

Here is the steam train leaving the station
heading towards its last destination.
Herded together like cows in a truck
prodded and threatened and treated like muck.
There is no privacy here.
In the corner a bucket
slops malodorously.
Pigs they call us
in the stinky dark.
Smuts in the hair, smuts from the smoke
the air’s so thick we almost choke.
We do not eat swine.
*Filth we have become
as the dung of the earth
vile we must be
in the eyes of God.*
Ticketty tack, ticketty tack, tick tack
we go to a place from where none comes back.
We are washed down
water icy as snow melt
swills over salt white flesh
heads shaved back to the bone.
*Lord have mercy.
Click clack, clicketty clack, click, clack, click
The train has reached its termination
*God grant us each to find salvation.
The engine cools.  Tick, click.  Click  tick.   Tick.    Tick.
* from Psalms of David 83 and 85

Daphne Milne

Poem published in Poetry SuperHighway Holocaust, memorial issue 2018

The Blue Boob Club, 2019, Indigo Dreams

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