Daphne Schiller

Daphne Schiller studied English at Manchester and Creative Writing at U.E.A. She's been a teacher and Relate counsellor. Her first collection was published by Outposts in 1981. Her poems have won prizes and appeared in magazines and on London buses.

Daphne du Maurier at Ferryside

You rowed across the Fowey
thinking of Rebecca in her boat
or the silk sails of the Frenchman
entering his hideaway. Gulls
mustered on a nearby roof
but you struck out for home.
I was named for you, and now
under a full moon in the estuary,
sandbags on the quay
awaiting high tide, I look across
to Polruan's golden eyes
sparking in the dark.
and want to take my own red boat,
stroke it across this softness,
listen to the creak of oars,
scoop up pools of moonlight
till I reach the white house
on the other side.

Daphne Schiller

In My Element, Outposts Publications 1981
Cargo of Emeralds, Dodman Press 1986
Soundings, Queenscourt Publishing 1989
Saying Goodbye to the Sea, Queenscourt Publishing 1993
The Scarlet Fish, self-published 2002

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