Deborah Harvey

Deborah Harvey lives in Bristol and is co-director of The Leaping Word which provides writing, editing and counselling support for writers exploring personal material. Her sixth poetry collection, Love the Albatross, will be published by IDP in 2024.


     ‘Aujourd’hui mamon est morte’      ‘L’étranger’, Albert Camus
One day
the day she’s been waiting for will come
and she’ll take these words with her to the sea
unzip her coat, pull open her ribcage
let them fly as purposely
as oystercatchers
pulling the strings of the sky
and tide
lifting the weight from each blood cell
giving her permission

Deborah Harvey

Oystercatchers won the 2018 Plough Prize Short Poem Competition;
published in The Shadow Factory, IDP, 2019


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