Diana Brighouse

Diana Brighouse is undertaking an MA in Creative Writing (Chichester) and plans to continue to doctoral study. Previously a doctor (NHS), in recent years, she has turned to fine art & creative writing, aiming to explore these boundaries.

Dried-up tears for Yemen

Tiny fist curled like an autumn leaf
baked by the sun, dried by the wind.
Reaching for the breast like soft leather
baked by the sun, dried by the wind.
You came too soon
winter, not spring,
hastened by bombs.
Your eyes too big,
your face too wise.
Children play in the mud and dung
and drink at the well where sickness comes.
Unyielding earth
baked by the sun,
dried by the wind,
no food grows,
roads are closed,
broken by bombs
bordered by guns.
Snipers or starvation,
shrapnel or disease,
death makes no discrimination.

Diana Brighouse

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