Diana Hendry

Diana Hendry has published six books of poetry and forty children’s books. She is assistant editor of Mariscat Press (poetry pamphlets). She lives in Edinburgh, has three grandchildren and plays the piano.


Love should be like nasturtiums
shot through with sunshine and fire,
easily available, simply exuberant.
Love should be like nasturtiums
ignoring the obvious season of spring,
waiting until the summer is almost
over then going for it, rampant
running wild, catching on.
Love should be like nasturtiums
able to flourish on the poorest soil,
useful and beautiful, happy
anywhere. Enduring, common.

Diana Hendry

Poem published in Gutter magazine


The Watching Stair, Worple Press
The Seedbox Lantern: New & Selected Poems, Mariscat Press
Late Love & Other Whodunnits, Peterloo/Mariscat Presss
Second Wind (with Douglas Dunn and Vicki Feaver), Saltire Press

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