Diana Pritchard

Hertfordshire born, married, one son, two daughters, Diana Pritchard now lives in Guernsey. Her poetry is influenced by a wilderness upbringing in 1950s,1960s British Columbia. A volunteer CAB advisor, she currently chairs Guernsey Writers.

One Wrong Foot

The river, frozen over now,
flows fast beneath a rough
mountainous range of ice,
for January is the coldest month.
A man is making his way across.
He taps a tentative stick, testing,
seeking out a route to the saw-mill.
His children follow in his exact footsteps.
A moose has crossed before them.
Her tracks trail out of the wilderness
past the timber shack by the frozen creek,
over the ice to the land of willow-bush.
The children stop to peer down a hole
chopped in the river’s solid surface
hoping for a fleeting glimpse of fish,
a silver flash, but they are called away.
They’ll work at the mill, stack lumber,
heave slabs onto the fire, roll logs.
Later, tired, they’ll eat bread with jam
then climb into bunk-beds to listen for wolves.

Diana Pritchard

Poem published: Ver Open Competition Joint Winner, February 2001. Published in Moods of Water by Ver Poets.

Publications: Publ: Woolgathering, The National Poetry Foundation, 1999 ISBN: 1-900726-61-0 ISBN, 5.00


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