Eve Pearce

Eve Pearce is an accomplished actress and member of the Company of Elders Sadlers Wells Contemporary Dance. Born in Aberdeen, shee fell in love with London on moving South, aged 12. She began writing poetry 5 years ago, in Katherine Gallagher’s workshop.


Green are the forests – green the fields
Green the frogs newly painted,
Green the ’gages bought in case of hunger.
Green your eyes which the visor shields
From overbearing sun.
In their cages the tigers crouch, panthers stalk.
State of the Art this, you know, the Keeper boasts,
A pyramid of stages – where you and they –
the animals, can walk,
The dignity of both preserved.

The Northern Lights had a great swathe of green
a satin cloak flung into lowering sky
the night my childhood ended.
I note the flash of green in the eye of the tiger.

Eve Pearce

6/21 Northwood Hall
Hornsey Lane
N6 5PN
Pamphlet: Woman in Winter, Hearing Eye, 2007.

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