Gill McEvoy

Gill McEvoy is a Hawthornden Fellow. Full collection The Plucking Shed (Cinnamon Press, 2010). Second collection Rise due from Cinnamon in May 2013.

Glass Bird in a Shop Window

Surely the maker of this bird is
one whose winter months are lived
among deep silences of snow,
who understands the blue and purple
bruise of folds among the drifts,
who knows
the strange transparencies of ice,
the way light toes on it
a fragile dance?
I have been standing here so long
my feet have slipped into
boots of fur,
snow is settling on my shoulders
under dank green pine
and snow-locked birch.
Ice splits; a bird flies up.
Freckles the freezing air
with blue.
A shudder of snow
ushers its escape.

Gill McEvoy

Poem: Third Prize in the English Fellows’ Association Poetry prize, 2010.

The Plucking Shed, Cinnamon Press, 2010, ISBN 978-1-907090-14-1, £7.99
Uncertain Days, pamphlet, published by Happenstance Press

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