Helen Iris

Helen Iris (pen name of Helen Curtis) is a poet living in Derbyshire where she has one foot in the natural world and the other in the heart. She has been published in several journals including ARTEMISpoetry, OSP Review, Dreich and Indigo dreams.

And Under my Feet

On the road, khaki drab
hover of golden apples
late lights in the yew.
Oak clings on, copper
country dancers, late to leave
still full of frills.
Silver birch coin clinks
there’s a stink everywhere, lying
water or something dead.
Hawthorn leaves, papery.
A rivulet creeps snail-like.
Everything drips.
In the yard, a tap
bandaged with oily rag,
alight with silvers.
Horses steam in a field
that will never make hay again;
old man’s eye seeps rheumy.
Muck boots clog,
a tractor askew in the ruts
slop swilling its wheels.
Gulls blown in from the coast,
grubby in the mud with crows
fieldfare snaffle red spindle.
Ashes are bone now
on the verge,
asteroid thistles blue-green.
And under my feet,
ragwort, little muddied suns
that refuse to go out.

Helen Iris

Published in Dreich 11 Season 2

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