Hilaire is a Melbourne-born, London-based writer of poetry and prose. Her poems have been published in both British and Australian magazines and displayed on London’s buses. She has read at various venues, including a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Snake Valley

Come live with me in Snake Valley.
There’s a bungalow, ten acres, two dams.
I’ll teach you to swim,
how to fend off the yabbies
as they tickle and nip at our toes.
You will escort spiders
off the premises;
I’ll deal with the ants.
The water in our taps
will run honey-pale,
tasting of childhood.
In the long, baking afternoons
we’ll lie low
in the creaking cool of the house.
When it rains,
we’ll dance and hoot in the mud.
And the snakes
will leave us alone
if we return the favour.
At dusk, strolling our acres,
we must remember
to bang a stick,
scan the ground ahead.


Poem published:
Triptych Poets: Issue One, Blemish Books. October 2010

Triptych Poets: Issue OneBlemish Books, 2010 ISBN: 978-0-9807556-1-9
Hearts on Ice, Serpent’s Tail, 2000 ISBN: 1-852426-63-2

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