Hilary Menos

Hilary Menos was born in Luton, read PPE at Oxford, took an MA in poetry at MMU, & has worked as a student organiser, journalist, food & arts reviewer, organic farmer, dramaturge & builder’s mate. She lives in France and is editor of The Friday Poem.


Here I am, again, in these auction rooms
browsing the silverware section for old spoons.
Jam spoons, salt spoons, teaspoons with wrythen knops
(a mint boxed set complete with sugar nips),
a George III shell-bowled sauce ladle,
a silver christening spoon with nail-head finial,
a dozen apostle spoons, each saint with his emblem
finely wrought at the tip of a grooved stem,
even repoussé berry spoons – Victorian bling –
each one a perfect treasure. All these darlings
laid out like pale corpses on velvet or silk
or rubber-banded tightly, shank to shank,
begging me to buy them, no matter how dear,
and tuck them up at home in my cutlery drawer.  

Hilary Menos

Poem published in Fear of Forks, 2022, HappenStance

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