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Wabi Sabi

if only i knew
what the artist knows
about the great
perfection in imperfection
i would sip grace slowly
at the ragged edges of the creek
kiss the pitted
face of the moon
befriend the sea
though it can be a danger
embrace the thunder of a waterfall
as if its strains were a symphony
prostrate myself atop the rank dregs on the forest floor,
worshiping them as compost for fertile seeds
and the breeding ground for a million small lives
if i knew what the artist knows,
then i wouldn’t be afraid to die,
to leave everyone
i would be sure that some part of me
would remain present and
that one day you would join me
as the wind howling on its journey
or the bright moment of a flowering desert
if i knew what the artist knows,
i would surely respond soul and body
to the echo of the Ineffable in rough earthy things
i would not fear decay or work left undone
i would travel like the river through its rugged, irregular channels
comfortable with this life; imperfect, impermanent and incomplete

Jamie Dedes

Note: Wabi Sabi is the Japanese aesthetic based on the Buddhist three marks of existence: impermanence, suffering, and absence of self-nature; or, as Leonard Koren wrote (Wabi Sabi for Artists and Designers, Poets and Philosophers), it is life, “imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.”
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