Janet Lees

Janet Lees is a poet and artist working primarily with text, photography and film. Her poetry has been widely published and anthologised, she has won prizes in many different competitions, and her poetry films have been selected for a wide range of international festivals.


A taste of you slipped into me
like moonlight in a locked church.
The flesh at first left me cold:
respectful fingers, diffident lips
spilling awkward mumbles in
The Angel’s fug. We hunted down
politeness with iced vodka
and flew outside, where the night
took your tongue and gave it to mine,
igniting a flame that swallowed
Soho’s oxygen whole to shape
the way I kissed you back:
adoration of seventeen again,
ablaze with the lost conviction
that this can be a state of grace,
this immaculate need to fuck in the street.

Janet Lees

Published in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2017

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