Janey Colbourne

Janey Colbourne is an author with a background in herbalism and shamanism, inspired by her deep relationship with nature. Her poetry aims to inspire connection with nature and give a voice to diversity and equality, sometimes with a touch of humour.


If my wounds
are the source
of my greatest power,
then my gift is the gift of insight.
I am gifted with knowledge
of how it feels to be old,
while I am still young.
I could sink into despair,
frustration and bitterness,
or I could flip the coin
and use this experience
to expand my compassion,
to share that knowledge,
my understanding.
Patience is the lesson
that comes from pain;
and courage of heart.
True strength is not
what you think.
I say to the young,
when you are old
you will know
why I do as I do,
for now you can only
and listen,
most of all, listen.

Janey Colbourne

See with Heart: a collection of poems and photographs, A Plantseer Press Imprint, ISBN 978-15193390-7-2. More here

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