Jill Munro

Jill Munro has been writing poetry for only 3 years but has achieved a great deal of success during that time. She has published her first collection Man from La Paz and had 3 poems long-listed for the National Poetry Competition.

Man from La Paz

Last night I knitted a Bolivian.
Or was it a Peruvian?
It doesn’t really matter.
It was proper knitting
not the peg-peg-peg
of hooking a French dolly
but the click-clack
of metal needles in the
purl-one-row, knit-one-row
of Bolivian stocking stitchery.
I started with the tip of his hat –
snaked stripes, Ikat squares
over flap-covered ears
made him a squashed nose,
button-hole slits for eyes,
a pinch-pursed mouth ,
a centre-parted mane
and further down
his poncho grew, flowed
long and woolly wild
as pinks and silvers met Inca gold.
Skinny brown legs dangled
from my needles until shoeless
I cast him off.
Later I found him sitting on my bed
playing his Bolivian pan flute,
pressing warm fingers to my
dropped stitch holes.
He paused his music, licked his fuzzy lips,
murmured Desnudarme, desnudarme …
as we began to unravel.

Jill Munro

in collection Man from La Paz, 2015

Man from La Paz, 2015, Green Bottle Press, ISBN 978-1-910804-00-1

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