Judith Kazantzis

Judith Kazantzis has published ten poetry books, including one Selected and, the latest, Just After Midnight (Enitharmon), and one novel. She was Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Sussex University (2005/6) and, in 2007, received the Cholmondeley Award for poetic achievement.


You know how all the mares lift their tails
to the north wind to conceive.
So in any field around here,
the mares stand in rows,
brown, palomino and chestnut and bay,
an elegant bay with four black points.
She swishes her long tail
and the old north wind takes a run at her,
huffing across the summer’s trodden grass
of the huge meadow: at first a mere seeming
heat quiver over the distant oak trees.
And the oak trees, another row, half haloes, far, black,
Knowlands Wood in the north-west,
a ridge of rich black seed arrayed
inside the pomegranate luscious in the west…

Well, the horses under the hedge,
their big flanks to a sudden wind squall
charioteering out of a hint,
the storm maybe.

Judith Kazantzis

Just After Midnight, Enitharmon, 2004, ISBN 1904634028. £8.95
The Odysseus poems: Fictions on The Odyssey of Homer, Cargo Press, 1999, ISBN 1899980075. £8.50
Swimming through The Grand Hotel, Enitharmon, 1997, ISBN 1900564203. £7.95
Of Love and Terror, Saqi Books, 2002, ISBN 0863563163.
Selected Poems 1977-1992, Sinclair-Stevenson, 1995, ISBN 185619552-X. (Amazon)

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