Kathleen M Quinlan

My poetry, recently placed in journals such as Acumen, Saw, Gargoyle, Bloodroot, Journal of Family Social Work, Journal of Poetry Therapy and Touch: The Journal of Healing, explore nature and social issues. An American, I teach at Oxford University.

Flight from the Countryside

     World Bank: For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s people live in cities.
I miss the stars the most.
Not that first twinkling
nursery-rhyme character
wished upon at the bedroom
window in the still-twilight blue.
Not the familiar patterns – imagined
silver dippers and rescued sisters outlined
in connect-the-dots on charcoal skies.
Not even Perseid’s meteors – August nights
on a blanket in the back yard, wondering
which way to turn to catch
the next stolen kiss.
But, the unbounded arch of the Milky Way –
its band of scattered moon-dust
spilling over me the night
the peepers announced spring.
These riches were in our grasp –
a trillion diamonds
gifted from heaven.
And we left it all behind.

Kathleen M Quinlan

Poem published in Bloodroot Literary Magazine, 2013

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