Kay Syrad

Editor, novelist & poet, Kay Syrad’s third solo collection is What is near (Cinnamon, 2021). She co-runs eco-poetry courses as half of the composite eco-poet kin’d & kin’d. She lives in rural East Sussex.

out   there

caught by the sun  the fly zigzags   darts
disappears   another or the same fly appears
darts   disappears   the beech branches grow out
horizontally seeking light   the leaves bright green
and shadowing   some yellow   the oak
hooshes in its high canopy               the wind
the sound   the green   the yellow
           in   here
           shame happens and a proxy shame happens
           the feeling filters down through organs
           tissue   as if woven on a loom   as if the body
           is a loom and shame the warp the weft
out   here
is where I am   in the all-ish vastness of wrong acts
a half-thought   a said/unsaid      the buzzing
isn’ continuous but pulses at intervals   re-charging
in the (de) forest   in the parched soil

Kay Syrad

Poem from collection What is near, Cinnamon Press, 2021

What is near, 2021, Cinnamon Press
Wild Correspondings: an eco-poetry source book, 2021, Elephant Press
Inland, 2021, Cinnamon Press
Exchange, 2015, Little Toller
Send (novel), 2015, Cinnamon Press

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