Kym Lloyd

My poems have appeared in magazines (e.g. Acumen, The Interpreter’s House. I am working on a collection: The Welder’s Daughter. My published novels include Erskine’s Box,The Book of Guilt and The Flight (for young adults, pen-name Morwen Fox).

Shall I Call You Eve?

When you refuse my breast and
fix me with your mamba look,
do you suspect my blood
has curdled this milky cup?
Your bat-lid eyes seem to reveal
the gap-toothed hag at the cottage door
with my combs and apples and spindle tipped.
Or are you the Hecate, she
of Zeus and Hera who hid from her mother?
Perhaps you already gripped
the truth whilst bedded in me.
Were you trampolining my belly to avoid snakes?
No, kicking for early release you expelled yourself
as though dropped from a great height.
You came in the know, know-all.
I could tell by the yell of your protest
you did not want to be born so
shall I call you Eve, then, after your fall?

Kym Lloyd

Erskine’s Box, 2003, ISBN 0-340824-29-8 (available also as Kindle download);
The Book of Guilt, ISBN 0-340824-32-8 (available also as Kindle download);
The Flight, BOO96C4DY2 (available as Kindle download)

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