Maggie Butt

Maggie is an ex-journalist and BBC TV documentary film maker, now head of the Media department at Middlesex University, London. Her prize-winning poems have appeared in many magazines, and her new collection, Lipstick, has been warmly reviewed.


In war time women turn to red
swivel-up scarlet and carmine
not in solidarity with spilt blood
but as a badge of beating hearts.
This crimson is the shade of poets
silenced for speaking against torture,
this vermillion is art
surviving solitary confinement,
this cerise defies the falling bombs
the snipers taking aim at bread-queues,
this ruby’s the resilience of girls
who tango in the pale-lipped face of death.

Maggie Butt

Poem published: in collection Lipstick.

Lipstick, first full poetry collection, Greenwich Exchange, March 2007;
Story, The Heart of the Matter, edited essay collection, Greenwich Exchange, September 2007;
Quintana Roo, poetry pamphlet, Acumen, 2003

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