Marie Papier

Marie Papier is a French-Swiss novelist and poet. Author of three novels including the Prix Schiller. She studied English Poetry with London Poetry School. Published in several magazines, anthologies, online.

Woman Cutting an Apple

   For Dana Smith-Littlepage
She has a way with apples
as mothers have with babies
How she looks at them
silently smiling, as if about to
peck their flesh, relish
the smooth grain of their skin
and how tenderly she brings
her knife into play
the blade slicing through
the pulp, deftly sparing
the core – the fruit’s
intimacy unscathed –
as mothers hold the integrity
of their child until self breaks free.

Marie Papier

first published in The Lighthouse poetry magazine issue 23


English, as Marie Papier
in anthology Voices for the Silent, 2022, Indigo Dreams Publishing, ISBN 978-1-912876-74-7
The Weather Indoors, 2020, Pandemic Poetry, Tangent Books, Bristol, ISBN 9781914345005
Calyx, 2019, Bristol Stanza anthology, Tangent Books, Bristol, ISBN 978-1-64606-889-0  

French, as Marie-José Piguet:
Petits Contes d’Outre-Manche, 1990, Editions de l’Aire, Lausanne, ISBN 2-88108-055-3
Une Demoiselle Eblouissante, 1987, Editions de l’Aire, Lausanne
Jean Fantoche, Portrait bouffon d’une auguste famille,, 1981, Ed. Bertil Galland, Prix Schiller 1982, ISBN ISBN 2-88015-064-7

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