Mary Wight

In 2017 Mary Wight returned to live in the Scottish Borders where she grew up, after spending most of her life in or around Edinburgh. She is hoping to push some of her poems into the shape of a slim publication if they will co-operate.

Flodigarry, Skye

As if it somehow had to be
that night was all sea and moon
swimming an ocean
of cresting sheets
breaking to dream
to dive again below
waves crashing a shore
each contained within
the other
needing no map
nothing pre-ordained
slipping floating
with one train of thought
senses drunk rioting
sea smell soaking the room
colours of its own
translucent green
all softened
by the moon
light through steam
from old brass taps
flooding something out
until that night unknown
forever now
an island.

Mary Wight

Poem published in Causeway/Cabhsair 9 (1), 2018

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