Maxine Linnell

Maxine Linnell is a poet, novelist, editor and teacher. Her first collection, This Dust, will be published in March 2017 by Soundswrite. She lives in Rothley, Leicestershire.


Shading our eyes, we see the bees.
They drift around a corner of the roof,
hover, drop to flowers for supplies
and glide back up. They could be stinging now.
The beeman brings binoculars.
Bumblebees. The May full moon’s
enticed them here to play and mate
among the gutters. ‘A gift’, he says,
‘they’ve come to show you there’s a crack
in a tile or somewhere in the soffits.’
The queen’s taking her pick.
Bee testosterone sends them wild.
‘It won’t last long,’ he says.
‘They’re gone by June, the nest too.
They’ll do no harm up there.’
Standing by him, I see the gift of bees,
appreciate their dance, their crumbling nest.
Wild bumblebees chasing the moon.

Maxine Linnell

Poem published in Acumen and Soundswrite Anthology, 2015.

Vintage, 2010, Five Leaves (Nottingham)
Closer, 2011, Five Leaves (Nottingham)
6 poems in The Book of Love and Loss anthology, ed June Hall & R. V. Bailey, 2014, Belgrave Press.

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