Myra Litton

Myra Litton lives in London. Her work has been published in various anthologies and in Senior Times, ‘Ireland’s website for people who don’t act their age’ and 2020 Issue Number 70).

the entitled ex wife and pals

She thought she had her ‘passport to the higher echelons’, and associate status for life
She had Cosmo, Hello and OK credits – she’d really made it
She had a continental lineage and was modelled unconsciously from female ancestors to be like an old-style courtesan
To be a perfect hostess in the kitchen and to ‘please her man’
She had a perfect exterior,
And held herself to be quite superior
Intellectual and a connoisseur of the finer things
It came as a shock when she lost the right to wear that ring
She had three homes, one a tasteful mews, one by the sea side
And a house on the south coast somewhere like Brighton
She’d sometimes get involved in trendy movements quite right-on
like anti-fracking
But secretly was not averse to email hacking
When the marriage dissolved and he found another girl she could barely
hold it together, oh she wailed they’ll get their karma
To negotiate a mortgage at her age, oh what a drama/trauma
Her mate had persuaded an ex beau to buy large shares in a football club and she listened avidly to her woes
United in their sense of superiority they would plot and scheme against common foes
And the entitled ex wife with her ego dented, really became quite demented
She loved caviar and foie gras
But also was not averse to a line of coke and Mary Jane grass
Her pals were like the Witches of Eastwick
And the last time I heard they were in a Macbethian thicket

Myra Litton

Diaries, 2014/15/16/17/18, Rennie Grove Hospice Care;
Between the Lines, 2017, anthology, City Lit;
Camden/Lumen anthologies 2014 to 2019 (Soaring Penguin Press/Salmon Poetry);
I am Woman Anthology Volume 2, 2013, Kindle Edition, FCM Publishing , available at Amazon

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