Myra Litton

Myra Litton: I have only been doing creative writing continuously for four years, but am enjoying it. I still need to do more courses and practice to improve.

Ripples of a Life

Ripples multiplying on the pond from my Olympic hurl
Remind me of the domino theory
Like the tree bark with its concentric rings
All showing the consequences of cause and effect
Of action, nature and ageing
I looked in the water not as healthy as it should be
And see the ducks swimming around the mother duck
Reminding one of a biology lesson
Of symbiosis
Unlike my relationship with Sue referred to Emotions Anonymous for unhealthy co-dependent relationships
I berate my having that last curry and one too many beers on a ‘study night’ for my Finals
And being spotted in the early hours by Sue’s friend Amy snogging a girl outside a club
Sue of the traumatised childhood and trust issues
I should have been clever enough to know everything gets around a small town
Now bereft I watch the ripples knowing that my own life is mutating before my eyes
A future of ongoing solitary walks and regrets

Myra Litton

Poem published in Rhyme and Reason Diary, 2014, Rennie Grove Hospice Care

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