Myra Schneider

Myra Schneider has many collections of poetry. Other publications include novels for young people and books about personal writing. One is Writing My Way Through Cancer (Jessica Kingsley 2003). She tutors for the Poetry School in London.

Myra is a Consultant to Second Light Network, a previous competition judge, and is on the Tutor list. (see ‘More’ link below)

It’s Possible

when you scrutinize a sycamore’s fists
and find its green thoughts
are not ready to uncrumple,
when you finger the kitchen tulips
whose pouts are now pink beaks,
see speckled song in the tigerlily throats,
when you peel a blood orange
and eat the ruby segments
while gazing at himalayas of cloud
whiter than icecream, at the sky
beyond them, its untouchable blue
which science explains but you feel
belongs to ever – it’s possible
you’ll believe that at the moment
darkness first split to let in light
some kind of consciousness
must have emerged and created
the multiplicity of colour.

Myra Schneider

Poem published: The Door to Colour, Enitharmon Press 2014

Persephone in Finsbury Park, Second Light Publications, 2016, ISBN 978-0-9927088-2-5, £7.95
The Door to Colour, Enitharmon, 2014, ISBN 978-1-9075875-1-1, £9.99
What Women Want, Second Light Publications, 2012, ISBN 978-0-9546934-9-7
Circling The Core, Enitharmon, Autumn 2008, ISBN 978-1-9046346-6-9
Multiplying The Moon, Enitharmon, 2004, ISBN(13) 978-1-9046340-4-1)

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