Myra Schneider

Myra has published nine collections of poetry, also novels for teenagers and children. She is an experienced poetry editor and tutor, interested in personal and narrative poetry and the writing process and co-wrote Writing for Self-Discovery with John Killick.

Myra is a Consultant to Second Light Network, a previous competition judge, and is on the Tutor list. (see ‘More’ link below)

When It’s All Over

I’m going to throw open my windows and yell: ’halleluiah’,
dial up friends in the middle of the night to give them
the glad tidings, e-mail New South Wales and Pacific Palisades,
glorify the kitchen by making sixteen summer puddings,
watch blackberry purple soak slowly into
the bread and triumph over the curved glass of the bowls.
When it’s all over I’ll feed my cracked skin
with lavender and aloe vera, lower my exhausted body into
foaming suds scented with honey and let it wallow,
reward it with a medal, beautify it with garlands of thornless roses,
wrap it in sleep. Then from tents of blurred dreams
I’ll leap like a kangaroo, spout like a whale.
Once it's over I’m going to command my computer to bellow
‘Land of Hope and Glory’, loudspeaker my news
down these miles of orderly streets where the houses wear
mock Tudor beams and plastic Greek columns, dance
the Highland Fling in front of controlled tubs of cockerel geraniums,
sigh with enormous satisfaction when I make the evening headlines.
When it’s finally over I’m going to gather these fantasies,
       fling them into my dented and long lost college trunk,
              dump it in the unused cellar
                     climb back to strength
                            up my rope of words.

Myra Schneider

Poem published: Writing My Way Through Cancer, Jessica Kingsley, 2003; Multiplying The Moon, Enitharmon, 2004.

The Door to Colour, Enitharmon, 2014, ISBN 978-1-9075875-1-1, £9.99
What Women Want, Second Light Publications, 2012, ISBN 978-0-9546934-9-7
Circling The Core, Enitharmon, Autumn 2008
Becoming, a narrative poem. Second Light Publications, 2007
Images of Women, co-editor with Dilys Wood. Arrowhead Press/Second Light, 2006
Multiplying The Moon. Enitharmon, 2004
Writing My Way Through Cancer, journal with poem notes, poems and therapeutic writing ideas. Jessica Kingsley, 2003;

130 Morton Way
N14 7AL
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