Nicky Mesch

Nicky Mesch lives in Jersey. Poems in various anthologies and magazines. First collection A Cold Woman was published by The Knives, Forks And Spoons Press in 2012.

Testing Her Metal

But he could be gentle –
the night he turned her
an inch at a time, painstakingly
slotting the panels of her skirt,
the muscled serpent on his arm
lapping salt as he tightened
the unfamiliar studs at her waist,
oiled her shiny new joints,
buffed the cones
on her breastplate
to a blush.
She shuddered at the glint
spilling from his calloused hands –
waist-length wiry coils,
curly copper lashes,
perfect O for a mouth –
and tried to catch her breath
but already he was easing
metal around her head
and welding it in place.

Nicky Mesch

Poem published in anthology, In the Telling, Cinnamon Press, ISBN 978-1-9056149-2-9.

Collection: A Cold Woman, The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-907-81289-7, £7.00.


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