Pat Francis

Pat Francis has poems in ARTEMISpoetry, Frogmore Papers, South and South Bank Poetry. ‘Recalling London East’ was published by Paekakariki Press during lockdown. “Ambition: to keep writing next year, when I’m 90.”


    For sale
    fifteen of them
    much of a muchness.
       They’ll do said the lab boys.
    With care one cat
    grew glossy
    plump, placid.
       Don’t let them get fond of it said the chief scientist.
    The electrodes inserted
    in C351
    looked like a little space-helmet.
       Good publicity said the press boys.
    The space cat floated
    for five minutes,
       Success! gloated the headlines.
    They watched to see
    if the capsule would burn
    on re-entry.
       Lucky this time said the scientists.
    The cat landed
    the crowd cheered
    the scientists bowed.
       Felicette the Space Cat! gloated the press boys.
    They waited two months
    for people to forget her
    then dissected her brain.
       For the sake of humanity said the scientists.

Pat Francis

Recalling London East, illustrated by Jane Colling, 2020, Paekakariki Press, ISBN 978-1-9081334-1-0, £12.50

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