Pat Francis

Pat Francis: “I never dared to write poetry since my teens, until mid-2016, when I took the plunge. I have written history, and had two books, some pamphlets, and many articles published. I now attend Pitshanger Poets workshop in Ealing.”

A few words from the Picts

          a people who knew
          words were so wonderful
          it was sacrilege
                                it was Death
          to write them down.
          they sang
          of magic dolphins
          silver fish
          told tales
          of how sun and moon
          hung balanced on the sky
          and lightning forked
          from one to the other
          flinging fire to earth
And suppose
          the lad with the squeaky voice
          stood apart
          head humming with words
          heavy knife to hand
          saying to himself
          What should we do
          with all this stone?
          What would he do?

Pat Francis

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