Pru Bankes Price

Retired professional administrator having worked with several blue chip organisations, now retired and living in Newquay – enjoying a changed pace of life, along with the history and spirit of Cornwall.

Odda’s Chapel

Did Odda and his hopeful monks
find peace, when they came from
the stricken west to build their chapel
beneath the towering skies
that dwarf this level fen?
What did they renounce to
claim this sacred sanctuary
from a godless landscape?
Imagine, setting aside monastic habits
to cut the pale sandstone and lay
the darkened slabs of slate,
to build a chapel here among
the willows and alders, a shelter
of closed protection.
They say crusaders with their
heavy swords and polished spurs
assembled here, but would
that gentle monk give benediction
to whose who went from his retreat
carrying doubtful standards of war,
no matter what they called their cause?

Pru Bankes Price

This poem was highly commended by the Winchester Writers’ Conference
and published in a Forward poetry anthology.

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