Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson is published as a poet, short story writer and novelist. Her first poetry collection ‘Tasting Words, Hearing Colours’ was published by IDP in 2014. She is a Writing Magazine Home Study Tutor.

blue moon
a late night observation

from the kitchen window I see you
pushing away from the blanket of grey cloud
your silvery light pulsates in a clear patch of sky
serenaded by abbey bells
a scattering of stars keep a respectful distance
as if they know something special
is about to happen
an icy wind disturbs the bare branches of the plane tree
as I stand waiting
feeling dismayed as you sink back
into your cloudy bed
an echo of your light remains
a glimmer and then gone
like the dying embers of a fire
the sound of bells lives on in the darkness
then like the actress you are
you reappear at exactly the right time
to show the partial eclipse
in your bottom right hand quarter
a shadow
like a bite out of an apple
or a gloomy presence at a New Year party

Sue Johnson

The Yellow Silk Dress (novel) (IDP 2015) 978-1-909357-39-6 £8.99
Tasting Words, Hearing Colours (IDP 2014) 978-1-909357-60-0 £8.99
Fable’s Fortune, 2011, Indigo Dreams Publishing, ISBN 978-1-907401-46-6. £7.99;
Creative Alchemy: 12 steps from inspiration to finished novel, HotHive, ISBN 978-1-908342-00-3. £8.99;
Surfing the Rainbow: visualization and chakra balancing for writers, Compass, ISBN 978-1-780998-69-5. £7.99;

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