Sue Moules

Sue Moules has been published since she was eight. Her work has appeared in several magazines and anthologies; she has taught creative writing (children and adults) and is a Writer on Tour. She lives in Wales and has three children.

Nappies on my Neighbour’s Washing Line

Six weeks before the birth
of her third child, my young neighbour
hangs out great flags of nappies.
Peg and dip, peg and dip,
crescents of sky
between the white on white,
in her garden of plastic play shapes,
red, yellow, blue,
their strength unbleached by sun.
At night she leaves the nappies out.
Moonlight lets through curves of dark,
the white squares glow.
Such a row of perfect symmetry,
it stops my breath.

Sue Moules

Poem appears in collection: In the Dream Time.

The Moth Box, Parthian, 2013. ISBN-978-1-9098440-7-0, £7.99,
The Earth Singing, Lapwing, 2010. £8
In The Green Seascape, Lapwing, 2009. £7.95
Mirror Image, a joint collection with Norma E Jones, Headland, 2009. £7.95
In The Dream Time, Flarestack, 2006; ISBN 1 900397 91 9. £3
The Copyright of Land, National Poetry Foundation, 2000.


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