Sue Wallace-Shaddad

Sue Wallace-Shaddad captures moments in time, observing life and nature, writing across a wide range of topics. She has had poems published in a number of anthologies including The Dawntreader and on line (Ink, Sweat and Tears, Poetry Space).

Crystal Ball

You are a bit fey, mother,
carry a crystal
hanging on a thread,
consult it
on matters of importance.
I am too superstitious
to try my luck,
watch the charm
swing from side to side
or circle round
carrying hopes, fears
sacred wishes.
My daughter has a crystal ball,
loved magic as a child.
We bought a gypsy table
dark stained oak,
cross legged,
slightly tilted.
I can imagine her, head bowed,
into that translucent orb
to summon a vision,
pierce another world.
These women in my life
share a sense of mystery,
tap into realms I do not know,
reach beyond
the drab curtain of certainty,
embrace the edge.

Sue Wallace-Shaddad

Poem published in The Dawntreader Iss 39, 2017

A working life, 2014, self-published

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