Sue Wallace-Shaddad

Sue Wallace-Shaddad captures moments in time, observing life and nature, writing across a wide range of topics. She has had poems published in a number of anthologies including The Dawntreader and on line (Ink, Sweat and Tears, Poetry Space).

Under watching angels
Blythburgh church

The last rays of sun filter
through leaded clerestory windows,
touching the choir with gold.
Robed in black, stark
under the rood screen
Ave Maria takes wing
as they raise Amens on high.
Angels gather above
as if to catch the soaring notes.
Once embellished,
now transmuted from glory
to bleached wood,
they remain symbolic of the faith
woven into the fabric,
the cloth of this church.
Bathed in light, at one with the sky,
the cathedral of the marshes,
sails towards dusk.

Sue Wallace-Shaddad

Poem published in Suffolk Poetry Society magazineTwelve Rivers, winter 2017

A working life, 2014, self-published

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