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Sue Wood, a retired teacher/lecturer now has a second career as creative writing tutor for community groups. Many publications and awards: Cinnamon Poetry Award plus publication; Poetry Business Pamphlet winner; Peterloo; Oxford Poetry Festival etc.

Imagine yourself to be water

     A tribute to Capability Brown
First consider your aspect.
If water from some far off source
finds a contour to bring it
to your land then it must
approach with candour
be present in your landscape
as inevitably as the first touch
a lover dares.
Imagine yourself to be water
seeking the line of least resistance
the measured fall
the plunge over granite into earth.
Resolve that here
you place your rill.
Consider how reflections will magnify
your dwelling place
giving you portals as into heaven.
Your fountain must rise as mightily
as the land heave gives
or a hidden source provides.
Above all, let your land be true to nature.
Plant no exotic trees but in groups of nine
mimicking a sacred English grove:
beech, ash and the mighty elm.
Remove all that needs clipping or fussing
into beauty, all that is base and ragged
such as villages and the low-browed church
clogging the valley like a toad’s head.
Consider how these possibilities
will shape this landscape with my hand
when you are dust in the mausoleum
I shall place thus charmingly
half-glimpsed as in an Attic scene.
Above all imagine yourself to be water
awaiting your reflection.
Croome Park, Worcestershire

Sue Wood

The title poem from award winning poetry collection Imagine yourself to be water

Imagine yourself to be water, 2009, Cinnamon Press, ISBN 978-1-9056149-4-3 (out of print)
Woman Scouring A Pot, 2002, Smith/Doorstop (competition winner), ISBN 1-902382-47-1

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