Sue Wrinch

Sue Wrinch is a poet, organises and presents Loose Muse once a month at Winchester Discovery Centre to celebrate women writers. She has had two poetry collections published, co-edited a Poetry Anthology with Abegail Morley and runs poetry workshops.


     After Terrance Hayes The Golden Shovel honouring Gwendolyn Brooks
Tiny hand clasps tiny hand as we
skip to school with a real
zeal to learn but a longing for cool.
One told off but we
weep together, a double bud, left
to sit side by side at school.
One attacked both become weapon, we
seek refuge as we lurk
in shadow, wait until safe, get home late
but make parents believe all is well when we
know we would strike
and starve for each other, straight
away chose our own style, we
will always be a twin-yolk, sing
in unison, believing it no sin
for we have each other and we
couldn’t care less what anyone thinks, not the thin
popular pretty or even the scary gin-
ger kid, psycho in making, no, we
just strive to avoid, skipping like jazz
our legs dancing like bees in June
sipping flowers careless and free we
don’t give a damn, never think we may die
we are bright reflections, not dimming soon.

Sue Wrinch

Poem first published on The Poetry Shed by Abegail Morley in 2018 and then in Stained Lips in 2019.

Note: The last word of each line forms a Gwendolyn Brooks poem when read vertically.

Down by Wild Water, 2015, Morgan’s Eye Press, ISBN 978-0-9554303-1-2, £8
Stained Lips, 2019, Morgan’s Eye Press, ISBN 970-0-9955132-6-6, £8.99
Loose Muse Winchester Poetry Anthology, 2018, Sarsen Press, ISBN 978-1999-975654, £8

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