Vicki Morley

Having worked at GCHQ and been head of two comprehensives, took early retirement and moved to Penzance, which is mostly slug free and writes poems. Taken part in Golowan and Penzance literary festivals.

Cairo chorus

Javelins of light slice the night sky.
The yellow glow slowly
approaches the city fringes
where huddled in rags,
workers sleep in the cemetery
below the Mokattam hills.
Mullahs, weary with arthritis,
climb endless stairs of stone
to switch on a
As the call to prayers
across street canyons,
drones into cafes and shuttered windows,
the sound is echoed
by a canine chorus.
All the Cairo dogs tune up
for the day ahead.
They howl loud and long
to mourn the end of night.

Vicki Morley

Poem published in Hysteria 3 anthology (judge for Hysteria 4 2015).

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