Vivienne Tregenza

Vivienne Tregenza is working towards a first collection. She won first prize (Formal Poetry) in 2008 and third prize (Silver Wyvern) in 2010 at Poetry on the Lake, Orta, Italy.

The Kiss

Did you dream of being my lover
As you chipped at the white marble of my flesh?
Was this Paulo your former, younger
Self? Did you think you could truly cherish
My sculpted body? Alone in your studio,
Your rugged frame reflected in the glass,
Cherry blossom edging through the open window,
How could I, your student and disciple, ask
You to hold me in that perfect moment
For a lifetime? In the mid-day heat
You handed me some wine, some bread.
I gave you an apple, watched you eat.
Later, you moved on to newer sculptures, purer stone;
While I have crumbled, never learned to stand alone.
     C.C. Asile de Montevergues 1930

Vivienne Tregenza

Poem published: French Literary Review, (ed. B. Dordi)


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