Wendy French

Wendy French is Chair of Lapidus, an organisation which promotes creative words for health and well-being, a facilitator for writing groups in healthcare settings and she works with Poet in the City to promote poetry and emotional wellbeing in secondary schools.

Wendy serves on the Second Light Network Committee. (see ‘More’ link below)

London Dry

A red bathmat destined for charity
lies in the moon’s path.
An empty bottle of gin floats
upright on bubble-less water.
Dressed in her best Harris Tweed
the colour of heather she’s dying
as she soaks in the bath. Her stale breath
and sauerkraut mouth will suggest
to the pathologist who teaches the art
of dissection that one’s own grief
isn’t so easy to stitch. In the half-lit orchard
moles bury themselves in the lawn.

Wendy French

Splintering the Dark, Rockingham Press;
Sky over Bedlam, tall-lighthouse;
We Have a little Sister and She Hath No Breasts, tall-lighthouse

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