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Jenna Plewes, Leave Me in the Light
Kathy Miles, The Gift
Marg Roberts, Question
Merryn Williams, My Cousin
Nicola Warwick, You hated those plums
Sue Moules, Nappies on my Neighbour’s Washing Line
Vivienne Fogel, Notebook


Sample poem (selected at random)

The Gift

She took it in both hands.
Examined it to see its colour, the quality,
what she might expect of it.
A surprise, she said, but still she smiled,
pale against the whiteness of the bed,
the wrappings from her present
scattered on the floor like a spilt
phial of pills. There was ribbon,
of course, a yellow bow, a card.
The air smelt of red carnations
and something else, something sweeter.
Her breath was a pearl in the hot room,
a slipstream too slight to stir a bee’s wing.
And the flowers were difficult,
competed with her for the sliver of air.
Her hands fussed over the covers
astonished fingers slid over silk.
And my gift, that small bequest
I took back home
was the moment our fingertips touched
and the air was brimming.

Kathy Miles

Poem published in Envoi, Issue 164 February 2013


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