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Doreen Hinchliffe, The Art of Getting Lost
Jan Bay-Petersen, It’s a Two and You’re Dead
Joy Howard, Stranded
Lynne Wycherley, Leaving Burray
Merryn Williams, P.N.D.
Rebecca Lacey, A Composite Wife
Susan Jordan, Missing Pieces
Wendy Pettifer, The Witching Hour


Sample poem (selected at random)

The Witching Hour

It’s in the dead of night that we decide
The witching hour when women choose their Fates
Our inner ear alert to tempting whispers
From those who ride the moon and reach the stars
Luring us into dreams of choice and change.
Husbands snoring gently by our sides
Children cocooned in maternal lullabies
It’s in the early hours that I creep home
From lazing with a lean and hungry man
Tattoed and pierced, sperm spent, satiated.
I cycle fast through smoky inner-city early haze
Open my door before the children wake, my partner stirs.
It’s when the men work far away
That we try other softer pleasures.
Snuggle curved like spoons behind each other’s cheeks
Listen to the seaside gulls cry for freedom
Wonder whether we should go home.
It’s down amongst the dirty dishes,
Scattered shoes, squashed toys, crummy carpets
We know those voices as our own
And keep them quiet within our hearts
Waiting for another Witching Hour

Wendy Pettifer

from collection The Witching Hour, 2021


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