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ENQUIRE for places or reserve list places at Holland House, July 30th to August 3rd 2018… Anne Stewart 01689 811394 / 07850 537489 straight to booking form

Do you tutor or lead workgroups? We supply Workshops …

November 2016: Launch of Myra Schneider workshop Perceptions of Time. Suitable for individuals at home or for working in groups. ‘Remote’ Workshops – Fanfare Series of 8 workshops and Her Wings of Glass, Series of 8 workshops still available. more here

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News and Events

Dates for your diary, …

   Monday 30th July to Friday 3rd August, Holland House Residential
   Thursday 9th August, Poetry Competition deadline
   Friday 16th & Saturday 17th November, Autumn Festival  

Mon 30th July to Fri 3rd August, Holland House Residential, Worcestershire. Enquire for places)

booking form
This year’s theme is Appearances & Disguises. To ‘put on an appearance’, to disguise thoughts, emotions, leanings we don’t want exposed, to experience others (children, parents, partners, colleagues) doing the same (perhaps with painful effect) – all these are part of life. Games and art forms take up the theme, especially theatre, masked or unmasked, and in music a motif may appear in disguise. Oblique approaches often seem to be at the heart of contemporary poetry, except that there is nothing really new about ‘layered’ meanings and the adoption of different voices.
The course, commencing Monday afternoon and ending after lunch on Friday, will include:
     workshops and discussions to stimulate your writing
     poetry readings from tutors and all participants
     free time for writing and in-house poetry competition
     workshopping your own poetry
Course tutors are Mimi Khalvati and Myra Schneider and we will be joined by our Mystery Guest towards the end of the week. (see booking form for more information on venue and tutors).

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FRI 16th & SAT 17th NOVEMBER: Autumn Festival – booking will open in September.

Second Light Poetry Competition for Long and Short Poems by Women 2018 – now open
– deadline Thursday 9th August

JUDGE ESTHER MORGAN. Poet, tutor and editor, Esther Morgan’s first collection Beyond Calling Distance (2001), which won the Aldeburgh ‘best first collection’ Prize, was followed by The Silence Living in Houses (2005), Grace (2011) and The Wound Register (2018), all by Bloodaxe. She won the Bridport Prize in 2010.
          £300 First Prize for each of Long (no upper limit) and Short (max 50 lines) poems
          £150 Second Prize (1 poem from either category)
          £75 Third Prize (1 poem from either category)
          Winning & Commended Poets published (in full or extract) in ARTEMISpoetry
          Winners offered a London reading.
Entry: £6 each per long poem. Short poems: £4 each or £9 for 3, £14 for 8. Enter by post (2 copies) or online.
**Members are entitled to one free entry into the competition. Join now to be eligible.** (see About Second Light/Joining)
more: Rules & Entry        direct link to payment at poetry p f online shop
note: payment link in competition flyer ends ‘s l(el) 5’, not ‘s 1(one) 5‚.
The results will be posted on the website by 30th September. Once winning poems (or extracts) are published in ARTEMISpoetry, they will be available to read here

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Second Light Poetry Competition for Long and Short Poems by Women 2017 – RESULTS

This year’s Judge is Myra Schneider. Our thanks to Myra and to all who submitted poems. Congratulations to our winners: Jill Eulalie Dawson (1st, Long Poem), Mary Robinson (1st, Short Poem), Liz Diamond and Shirley Wright (each awarded a 2nd prize – as our judge concluded that neither should be downgraded to 3rd!); and to all those Commended and Shortlisted (full list below).
The adjudication event took place during the Autumn Festival (17th & 18th November 17), with readings by the judge and those winning poets able to attend. The Judge’s comment is published, along with the Winning and Commended poems (in full or extract), in ARTEMISpoetry Issue 19 (November 2017).
Full Results:

1st Prize, Long Poem Category: Mole, Jill Eulalie Dawson
1st Prize, Short Poem Category: Six Studies of Pillows, Mary Robinson
2nd Prizes, An Inuit Father Tells His Son the Story of the Ghost Ship, Liz Diamond
and Warfare. Somewhere., Shirley Wright
Read the Poems as they appear in ARTEMISpoetry Issue 19 (pdf)
Bipolar planet, Jill Boucher
Without weather, Hilaire
How Long Is Not Long?, Daphne Gloag
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter, Nicolette Golding
Clustog fair, Mary Robinson
The Witch, Her Book, Martha Street
Watch, Carol Beadle
In Her 75th Year She Discovers Daisies, Chris Considine
The Solace of Bearings, Sue Davies
Clay, Alyss Dye
Time Lines, Margaret Eddershaw
Hail, Sisters of the Revolution, Caroline Gilfillan
In the Cemetery of the Insane Paupers, Louise Green
Under the Bed, Justina Hart
On Looking into the Faces of Mushrooms, Carolyn King
Such Tales They Had to Tell, Denise McSheehy
Cracks and Heartwood, Kathy Miles
White Heat, Jenna Plewes
Lives of the Artists (1880-1930), Jane Routh
Kintsugi, Christine Vial
Falling for Icarus, Catherine Whittaker
The Gift of Christmas, Shirley Wright

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“As a trumpet-call of celebration, Fanfare is exactly the right title for this anthology. Adventurous … witty and moving, intelligent … these poems … will shock and delight you.”, Dr R V Bailey
The sky is full of cadences writes Sue Rose in her poem in this beautiful anthology, a fitting metaphor for the sheer range of topics and tones in these poems … ”, Hannah Lowe

198pp, 167 poets, 241 poems… Fanfare is now out. Normal price is £12.95 plus p&p, but our introductory offer is for £10 including UK p&p (£9 to Second Light members; £12 to ROW).
Download the Order Form (pdf, Fanfare & Her Wings of Glass offers)
or buy at the poetry p f online shop:    Second Light Members      Non-Members: to UK      to outside UK.
When is a change a revolution? Fanfare, the promised sister anthology to Her Wings of Glass (2014, see below), continues the celebration of one of the most seismic on-going developments ever to affect literature…
Poets in Fanfare: list 1 – those poets who are, or were, also members of Second Light; list 2 – those poets who are not members.
Alison Brackenbury * Alyss Dye * Angela Kirby * Ann Alexander * Ann Phillips * Ann Scorgie * Ann Segrave * Anna Avebury * Anne Boileau * Anne Ryland * Anne Stewart * Belinda Singleton * Bernie Kenny * Carole Coates * Caroline Carver * Caroline Maldonado * Carolyn O’Connell * Clare Crossman * Cynthia Fuller * Daphne Gloag * Daphne Schiller * Diana Moen Pritchard * Dilys Wood * Dorothy Ann Coventon * Dorothy Yamamoto * Eleanor Livingstone * Elisabeth Rowe * Elizabeth Burns * Fiona Owen * Gill Horitz * Gill Learner * Gill McEvoy * Gill Nicholson * Glynda Winterson * Harriet Proudfoot * Helen Hill * Hilary Davies * Hilary Jupp * Hylda Sims * Jane Kirwan * Jane McLaughlin * Jane Routh * Janet Fisher * Janet Lees * Janet Sutherland * Jean Harrison * Jean Watkins * Jemma Borg * Jenna Plewes * Jennifer A McGowan * Jenny Hamlett * Jenny Morris * Jill Eulalie Dawson * Jill Sharp * Jill Townsend * Jo Peters * Joan Michelson * Joan Sheridan Smith * Joy Howard * Judith Cair * Judith Wolton * Julie Sampson * Justina Hart * Kate Foley * Katherine Gallagher * Kathleen M Quinlan * Kathy Miles * Kay Syrad * Kaye Lee * Laurna Robertson * Linda Rose Parkes * Lorna Dexter * Lotte Kramer * Louise Green * Lucy Hamilton * Lynne Hjelmgaard * Lynne Wycherley * M R Peacocke * Maggie Norton * Maggie Sawkins * Margaret Beston * Margaret Eddershaw * Margaret Wilmot * Martha Street * Melinda Lovell * Mimi Khalvati * Moniza Alvi * Moya Pacey * Myra Schneider * Nancy Mattson * Pam Job * Pam Zinnemann‑Hope * Pat Marum * Pat Watson * Patricia Crittenden Bloom * Patricia Helen Wooldridge * Patricia Leighton * Pauline Keith * Penelope Shuttle * R V Bailey * Rebecca Hubbard * Rosie Miles * Rosy Wilson * Sarah Westcott * Shirley Wright * Sue MacIntyre * Sue Rose * Susan Jane Sims * U A Fanthorpe * Val Doyle * Victoria Pugh * Vivienne Tregenza * Wendy French * Wendy Klein * Yvonne Baker
Alison Hill * Angela Leighton * Anna Adams * Anne Caldwell * Anne Cluysenaar * Audrey Ardern‑Jones * Aviva Dautch * Barbara Cumbers * Beverly Hughes * Caroline Natzler * Carolyn Jess‑Cooke * Charlotte Gann * Denise Bennett * Deryn Rees‑Jones * Di Slaney * Fiona Ritchie Walker * Genista Lewes * Gillian Allnutt * Helen Jagger * Helen Moore * Helen Overell * Hilary Menos * Hilda Sheehan * Isabel Bermudez * Jackie Hinden * Jacqueline Gabbitas * Jane Duran * Jean Hall * Jo Roach * Joan Downar * Joanna Boulter * Kerry Darbishire * Kim Moore * Lara Frankena * Mandy Pannett * Marilyn Ricci * Mary MacRae * Michaela Ridgway * Pascale Petit * Rebecca Goss * Rennie Parker * Rose Cook * Rosie Jackson * S J Litherland * Seni Seneviratne * Sharon Morris * Sheila Hillier * Sue Aldred * Susanne Ehrhardt * Tracey Martin * U A Fanthorpe * Victoria Gatehouse * Victoria Kennefick *

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“I’m completely wowed … the most important anthology for decades”, John Killick
“tremendously inspiring”, Moniza Alvi        “an amazing anthology”, Pauline Stainer
“It’s a magnificent anthology (and I’m not just saying this because my mother’s face
peers at me from the cover!)”, Adam Horovitz
“I’m impressed”, Anne Stevenson

211pp, 134 poets, 237 poems… Her Wings of Glass (title from Sylvia Plath’s poem Stings) is now out. Normal price is £12.95 plus p&p, but we are continuing to offer it for £10 including UK p&p (£9 to Second Light members, £12 to non-members ROW).
Download the order form (pdf, Her Wings of Glass and Fanfare offers)
or buy at the poetry p f online shop:    Second Light Members      Non-Members: to UK      to outside UK.
This anthology complements, but is not a repeat of, our previous anthology (with Arrowhead Books), Images of Women.
The focus is on women’s writing which deals with ‘big issues’, for example the future of the planet, good and evil aspects of our relationship with the natural world and with each other, different aspects of our imaginative understanding of ‘who we are’.
This is the first of two anthologies. Poems submitted were considered both for Her Wings of Glass and for Fanfare (out November 2015, see above).
A majority of poems chosen for Her Wings of Glass are by Second Light members past and present (see list 1) and an additional wide range of poets are included (list 2). Some factors outside the editors’ control – such as exceptionally high permission fees demanded for the use of published poems by some publishers and some women poets not wanting to be published in an all-woman anthology – prevented the anthology being fully representative of the talent of UK women poets. However, we were delighted by the numbers of superb poems submitted. The co-operation of Second Light’s membership has helped us greatly to offer a wide cross-section of exciting work which we think is a true reflection of ambition and achievement.
A C Clarke * Adele Ward * Alice Kavounas * Alison Brackenbury * Alyson Hallett * Angela Kirby * Angela Stoner * Ann Alexander * Anna Crowe * Anna Kisby * Anne Cluysenaar * Anne Ryland * Anne Stewart * Carol Beadle * Caroline Carver * Cheryl Moskowitz * Danielle Hope * Daphne Gloag * Denise Bennett * Denise McSheehy * Dilys Wood * Elizabeth Burns * Elizabeth Rapp * Gill Learner * Gill McEvoy * Helen Ivory * Hilary Davies * Hylda Sims * Isobel Thrilling * Jacqueline Gabbitas * Jane Mclaughlin * Jean Atkin * Jean Earle * Joan Poulson * Judith Cair * Judith Kazantzis * Judy Gahagan * June English * June Hall * Justina Hart * Kate Foley * Katherine Gallagher * Kay Cotton * Kay Syrad * Kim Moore * Lesley Quayle * Lotte Kramer * Lucy Hamilton * Lyn Moir * Lynne Wycherley * M R Peacocke * Maggie Butt * Maggie Sawkins * Maria Jastrzębska * Marion Tracy * Mary MacRae * Merryn Williams * Mimi Khalvati * Moniza Alvi * Myra Schneider * Nadine Brummer * Nancy Mattson * Penelope Shuttle * Pippa Little * R V Bailey * Rebecca Gethin * Rose Flint * Ruth Smith * S J Litherland * Sarah Westcott * Seni Seneviratne * Sharon Morris * Susanne Ehrhardt * Thelma Laycock * U A Fanthorpe * V Gatehouse * Victoria Pugh * Wendy French * Zeeba Ansari
Angela Leighton * Anna Adams * Anna Robinson * Anne Stevenson * Aviva Dautch * Caitriona O’Reilly * Carole Satyamurti * Caroline Price * Carrie Etter * Catherine Smith * Christine Evans * Clare Pollard * Deryn Rees‑Jones * Dinah Livingstone * Dorothy Nimmo * Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin * Elaine Feinstein * Esther Morgan * Fiona Sampson * Fleur Adcock * Frances Horovitz * Gillian Allnutt * Gillian Clarke * Gwyneth Lewis * Hannah Lowe * Helen Moore * Imtiaz Dharker * Jackie Kay * Jackie Wills * Jane Duran * Jane Griffiths * Jen Hadfield * Julia Darling * Kate Bingham * Katrina Porteous * Linda Black * Lorna Thorpe * Marie Naughton * Marita Over * Martha Kapos * Maura Dooley * Menna Elfyn * Pascale Petit * Pauline Stainer * Phoebe Hesketh * Polly Clark * Rebecca Goss * Róisín Tierney * Ruth Fainlight * Selima Hill * Sinéad Morrissey * Siobhan Logan * Susan Wicks * Vuyelwa Carlin

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Mary MacRae ‘Access to Poetry’ Memorial Fund

Second Light is pleased to continue management of this fund, whose purpose is to assist members on low income, and their travelling companions if required, to attend Second Light events by way of providing a modest sum towards travelling costs. The fund was started with a generous donation from the family of Mary MacRae, a fine poet and, until her death in 2009, an enthusiastic and supportive member of Second Light. For more details or to apply, see Second Light Mary MacRae ‘Access to Poetry’ Fund.

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A few photos from our Autumn Festival, 2008, where…

… a great time was had by all, sell out readings and workshops. Romanian participant, Elena Nistor, had her camera to hand…

Joan Waddleton, Maggie Norton

Maggie shows Joan how the coat fits …

Anne Ballard (speaker), Daphne Schiller, Anna Avebury

"and in this one here, look…"

Anne Stewart, Administrator

Something funny this way comes?

Pat Earnshaw and Hilary Llewellyn‑Williams

Discussing the finer points…

Penelope Shuttle, Kay Cotton

Cornwall meets Normandie; Penelope and Kay talk shop

Elena Nistor, Katherine Gallagher, Anne Stewart

Katherine takes the throne… Elena (on her right) directs the shot

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